The Loudest Parties In History

Pompous evening balls, social dinners, and high-profile premieres have always been associated with demonstrations of power. Preparations for grandiose events required ingenuity, professionalism, and creativity from people of completely different fields - artists, dancers, musicians, architects, tailors, cooks, and many other professionals. It is no coincidence that the very concept of "etiquette" was developed by Louis XIV, known as the Sun King, to demonstrate to foreign guests the power and splendor of the French court. An invitation to such an event was an indication of the person's special elite status. 

Some people prefer to invite friends over to their house once a week, play music or play Fresh Casino on their phones. But for some people, throwing the loudest, most unusual party that they wouldn't be ashamed of in front of their grandchildren is the goal of a lifetime.

The 5 best parties in history that everyone wanted to go to

At the very least, it's worth inventing a time machine for.

Truman Capote's Black and White Ball

Truman Capote, the author of Breakfast at Tiffany's, has always been an odd and flamboyant member of New York City bohemian society. The writer frequently assured his buddies that he would eventually hold a large party that would amaze everyone. He was not fooled at all. He threw the black and white ball of Truman Capote, which became known as the "black and white ball of Truman Capote," after receiving royalties for his book "Cold-Blooded Murder."

The guests of the party included some of the world's most prominent actors, writers, musicians, politicians, and journalists - all 540 people were handpicked by the writer. Capote asked everyone invited to his Plaza Hotel ball to dress in black and white (unsurprisingly, many are still preserved in the New York Museum's archives). The president of the United States, along with other distinguished guests, made masks to order, which cost approximately 30 thousand dollars. Truman was amused to learn that the host of the evening had purchased his mask at a toy store for cents.

On November 28, 1966, Henry Ford, Vivien Leigh, Frank Sinatra, and Mia Farrow, along with Prince Stanislaw Radziwill and John F. Kennedy's sister Joanin 1965; other celebrities of the time joined together at the Plaza. But Lyndon Johnson was not invited to the event by the writer. By the way, the president's wife, Ladybird Johnson, was also not on the guest list. The dress code for the guests of the evening was black and white, which many took too literally.

The 50th Anniversary of the Sultan of Brunei

In 1996, Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah of Brunei marked his 50th birthday with a two-week bash. The birthday party included a military procession, a state dinner for 3,000 people, a polo match with Prince Charles, and a private Michael Jackson performance (to which the sultan himself did not attend). The supper, which included an unending supply of champagne, black caviar, and other indicators of luxury, cost $27 million (in 1996 dollars) and 16 of those went to the king of pop.

Freddie Mercury's birthdays

Freddie Mercury was one of the most well-known and popular party kings in history. The entertainer, like no other, knew how to have fun and was willing to offer his guests with near limitless amusement. Of course, this was not without a sense of humor, outrage, and complete freedom from prejudice. The most notable were the gatherings Freddie threw to mark his birthday. These were the events at which everyone from celebrities to common people fantasized about attending. The legendary Munich and London events, about which it was said that "the devil himself envied them," have a long history. To gain a sense of what occurred at Freddy's 39th birthday bash, watch his Living on My Own video, which contains archival film from the event. Mercury requested that his guests adhere to a strict dress code, and he himself frequently donned costumes depicting himself - for example, a Harlequin tunic and tights.

Another legendary Freddie's party was on the occasion of his 41st birthday. They still call it the craziest party in the history of Ibiza. 700 people, including Julio Iglesias, Robert Plant, Grace Jones, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Kylie Minogue and other stars gathered at Pikes Ibiza that day. A special cake in the form of the Sagrada Familia church, champagne fountains, and a magnificent fireworks display were rumored to be seen from Mallorca during the event. Mercury is said to have learned of his terrible diagnosis the night before the party, and Pikes Ibiza still marks Freddy's birthday every year.

Admiral Russell's party

They gained a lot of knowledge about throwing magnificent parties in 1694, too. As a result, Admiral Edward Russell, an honorary member of the Royal British Navy, planned a party for his sailors. Russell decided to entertain the visitors with a punch fountain, for which he ordered 1,000 liters of brandy, 600 liters of wine, 635 pounds of sugar, 2,500 lemons, 75 gallons of lime juice, and 2.5 pounds of nutmeg to be mixed. For a whole week, the invitees were unable to drain the fountain. Meanwhile, bartenders in canoes carried the huge fountain and refilled officers' glasses with booze. When it rained, the party was interrupted, at which time a special silk awning was draped over the punch bowl.