17 Aug - 27 Aug

Reasons to be Pretty
Sometimes it's best to admit when you are wrong. Other times it's better to just keep your mouth shut.

09 Aug - 13 Aug

The Terrific Tale of Tabatha Talmus
For the generation that grew up watching ‘The Never Ending Story’ and ‘Labyrinth’. A tale to rouse the imagination and seduce the senses.

09 Aug - 13 Aug

These are the Skeletons of Us
Hindsight is a beautiful thing.

23 Jul - 06 Aug


They are young and they are hungry! Everyone onstage and behind-the-scenes is between 16 and 25 – so get in quick to catch the sharpest new talent in Auckland!

23 Jul - 06 Aug

Young and Hungry Festival of New Theatre

23 Jul - 06 Aug

Young and Hungry Festival of New Theatre

23 Jul - 06 Aug

Young and Hungry Festival of New Theatre

14 Jul - 14 Jul

Baby Britain w/ Artisan Guns, Ruby Frost, Forest Spirits
"BABY BRITAIN: A Tribute To Elliott Smith"

09 Jul - 09 Jul

Princess Chelsea and friends
With Cat Venom, Beach Pigs, Gee Gee and Google Copz

05 Jul - 10 Jul

The Family Wilder
A dark and twisted thriller.
'Fucking with people is fun . . .'

28 Jun - 02 Jul

One Day Moko
Meet Moko. He lives under a by-pass. His life fits in a trolley.

22 Jun - 25 Jun

The Maori Monologues
Come witness new New Zealand writing! Eight talented folk writing on everything Maori.

21 Jun - 25 Jun

Space Race
The incredible true story of New Zealand’s mission to the moon. One man dreamed of reaching the stars… and just got on with it.

17 Jun - 17 Jun

Lilly Loca's Vaudeville Cabaret proudly presents: The BIG Reveal!
Be transported to a wonderfully theatrical world full of laughter, fun and frivolity in the form of a vaudeville-style cabaret!

31 May - 04 Jun

The Keepers
“Words, My Dear, can mean anything I want them to”

27 May - 28 May

Stranger Things
A collaborative performance series. Twelve artists. Two weeks. Three shows.

27 May - 27 May

Ruby Frost
Odyssey Tour

25 May - 28 May

The Foreign Monologues
Overwhelming love, desperate loneliness, gangsta culture, misogynistic mimes, murder and cannibalism - no stone is left unturned!

18 May - 21 May

Heidi O'Loughlin - Expecto Patronum
A show about how reality sucks and how dreams rule, for all the kids who were never allowed Seamonkeys growing up.

18 May - 21 May

Emotional, Cripple - Shoshana McCallum & Simon Ward
It's not kidnapping if you're meant to be together...

18 May - 21 May

Class Comedians Graduates - Why So Serious?
Prepare to laugh harder than you thought was possible.

17 May - 21 May

Barnaby Fredric in The Irrefutable Truth About Petfood
It seems like an ordinary day at the warehouse… until a catastrophic event of global proportions changes EVERYTHING… FOREVER.

17 May - 21 May

Hannah Gadsby - Mrs Chuckles
As seen on 7 Days and the NZ International Comedy Festival Gala.

17 May - 21 May

Urzila Carlson - The Truth According To Urzila Carlson
Winner - Best Female 2010, NZ Comedy Guild Awards

17 May - 21 May

Marcel Lucont - Encore
To miss this show is to give up on life.

11 May - 14 May

Jan Maree - Fever Bitch!
Part dance, part discussion, part job interview, one helluva Fever Bitch!

11 May - 14 May

Chris Brain Is Delightful (And Other Blasphemy)
After a roller-coaster ride since winning the 2009 Billy T Award, Chris Brain is back with a vengeance.

10 May - 14 May

Jarred Christmas Stands Up
One of New Zealand’s funniest exports is back home for 2011.

10 May - 14 May

Anil Desai Hey, Impressions Guy!
A truly talented mimic, Desai has astounded audiences internationally with his world-record-breaking 52 impressions in five minutes!

10 May - 14 May

Glenn Wool - No Land Man
“Why aren't you in a queue somewhere buying a ticket?" - The Scotsman, UK

10 May - 14 May

Jamie Bowen - Munfred Bernstein's Cabinet Of Wonder
Munfred Bernstein’s Cabinet of Wonder is a place to celebrate the mystery of the world and those who inhabit it.

07 May - 21 May

Late Laughs - Auckland
In the tradition of the Phat Cave & Jason Cook’s Asylum, Late Laughs is the late night haven for the comedically demented.

06 May - 20 May

Friday Night Guilt Club
Introducing The Basement's all new late late alternative comedy show!

30 Apr - 07 May

Rhys Mathewson IS FUN
"A young guy who knows how to make people laugh"- Theatreview

30 Apr - 07 May

Space Race
This is the story of a man who dreamed of the stars and just got on with it.

30 Apr - 07 May

Natalie Medlock - Dan Is Dead / I Am A Yeti
After Nat killed her comedy partner Dan Musgrove, she ate his brain, and got the idea to make a comedy yeti show.

30 Apr - 03 May

Clayton Carrick-Leslie Fantasmagorical
"Gymnastic mind, energetic physicality and chiselled perceptions" - Theatreview.org.nz

30 Apr - 07 May

Guy Capper - Space Pets
A feast of animation and stand-up comedy!

30 Apr - 14 May

Rose Matafeo - Fanfiction Comedy
Join rising stand-up star Rose Matafeo (as seen on TV3's 7 Days and TV2's A Night At The Classic) and some of your favourite Festival acts for very special readings of their very own fanfiction writing.

30 Apr - 07 May

Jeremy Elwood - (un)common Sense
With Jeremy you always know what you’re getting - and you know it will be hilarious.

27 Apr - 27 Apr

In Flagrante
6 exquisite dancers caught in the act with a fetish for leather, an irreverence for female stereotypes and a wild equestrian spirit..

13 Apr - 23 Apr

Boys' Life
A “bitingly funny post-modern comedy of manners”

30 Mar - 02 Apr

Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring.
What joy these eight new monologues will bring!

25 Mar - 25 Mar

Cool Cult Album Release

23 Mar - 23 Mar

Miles Away / Defeater New Zealand Tour
Miles Away (AU), Defeater (USA) and Guests.

09 Mar - 11 Mar

Big Story, Small Space
As part of Auckland Fringe 2011

09 Mar - 13 Mar

As part of Auckland Fringe 2011

08 Mar - 12 Mar

The Hermitude of Angus, Ecstatic
As part of Auckland Fringe 2011

07 Mar - 09 Mar

The Chathams
As part of Auckland Fringe 2011

07 Mar - 13 Mar

The Turn of the Screw
As part of Auckland Fringe 2011

06 Mar - 08 Mar

As part of Auckland Fringe 2011

06 Mar - 08 Mar

Drowning in Veronica Lake
As part of Auckland Fringe 2011

04 Mar - 12 Mar

What Have You Done to Me?
As part of Auckland Fringe 2011.

03 Mar - 10 Mar

Square Eye Pair
As part of Auckland Fringe 2011

02 Mar - 06 Mar

As part of Auckland Fringe 2011

02 Mar - 04 Mar

As part of Auckland Fringe 2011

01 Mar - 05 Mar

Tea for Toot
As part of Auckland Fringe 2011

27 Feb - 13 Mar

As part of Auckland Fringe 2011

26 Feb - 12 Mar

D.I.Y John
As part of Auckland Fringe 2011

26 Feb - 02 Mar

Shakespeare's Will
As part of Auckland Fringe

25 Feb - 27 Feb

Why Don't We...?
As part of Auckland Fringe 2011

25 Feb - 28 Feb

Joseph and Mahina
As part of Auckland Fringe 2011

25 Feb - 01 Mar

Feel Felt Found
As part of Auckland Fringe 2011

25 Feb - 05 Mar

The Soft Mad Children Exhibit
As part of Auckland Fringe 2011

25 Feb - 01 Mar

The Adventures of Alvin Sputnik: Deep Sea Explorer
As part of Auckland Fringe 2011

02 Feb - 19 Feb

I Won’t Be Happy Until I Lose One of My Limbs
In a tiny town at the bottom of the world, there is about to be an apocalypse. It will require party supplies.

26 Jan - 29 Jan

Confessions of a Drag Queen
'Novel, Shocking, Shriekingly Entertaining' - John Smythe, Theatreview.

17 Jan

Tim Wilson in conversation with Noelle McCarthy
Everything we’re not supposed to talk about in polite company: religion, politics and sex, all in one evening.

14 Jan

Freak of the Week - MUZAI Especiale
Doors at 9pm, $10 entry.

20 Dec - 22 Dec

Seven twisted tales of the silly season by Thomas Sainsbury.

02 Dec - 18 Dec

TOYS by Natalie Medlock and Dan Musgrove
From the writer's of last year's smash hit Christ Almighty! comes another serving of yuletide mischief.

19 Nov

Beatboy Products Present Chris Murray (USA)
Rockysteady ska direct from LA.

17 Nov - 27 Nov

Mates & Lovers
The untold lives of our brothers, sons and fathers.

08 Nov - 13 Nov

Little White Men
A gripping 'whodunit' set in the not too distant dystopian future, Little White Men paints a dark and thrilling picture of the fate of New Zealand in an increasingly uncertain world.

27 Oct - 06 Nov

MOJO by Jez Butterworth
Combines 'the verbal menace of Harold Pinter and the physical violence of Quentin Tarantino' - Sunday Times

20 Oct - 23 Oct

Providence by Louise Tu’u
Inspired by Auckland’s homeless communities.

19 Oct - 23 Oct

Touch Wood
Blending comedy, drama, sex and a little bit of gypsy magic, Touch Wood is one dirty, dark and spectacular show.

13 Oct - 16 Oct

The Sad Lament of Pecos Bill on the Eve of Killing His Wife
The Dove Hunters present a surrealist Western musical by Sam Shepard, with music by Catherine Stone.

12 Oct - 16 Oct

Find Me
Based on a true story, Olwen Wymark's ‘Find Me’ is the astounding account of what happened to a young girl who was born differently and the lengths her family went to in order to help her. To save her. To love her. To find her.

29 Sep - 09 Oct

Dog Sees God

23 Sep - 10 Oct

Krapp's Last Tape
Mirror Theatre Productions presents A Theatre Corporate revival production of KRAPP'S LAST TAPE (Samuel Beckett)

17 Sep - 25 Sep

My Name is Rachel Corrie
'Extraordinary authentic power... stunning solo performance' - John Smythe, Theatreview.

12 Sep - 12 Sep

Cancer Bats
With support from Leeches and Snakes Of Iron.

25 Aug - 11 Sep

The Vagina Monologues
Royale Productions presents The Vagina Monologues.
They want to talk to you.

14 Aug

MUZAI Records presents Full Moon Fiasco
Wellington band Full Moon Fiasco release their debut album Cosmic Palms. With support from Golden Axe, Pikachunes, Cat Venom.

08 Aug - 08 Aug

RW Entertainment and New Noise present the New Zealand Tour 2010

05 Aug - 05 Aug

...a shameless multidisciplinary crowd pleaser...

27 Jul - 31 Jul

The Irrefutable Truth About Petfood
"Harnesses the true power of comedy."- Theatreview

27 Jul - 31 Jul

Introducing Anna
A chatty fast food worker who's doing her best to stay afloat financially and looking for a tiny bit of hope.

09 Jul - 24 Jul

Young and Hungry
A tasty selection of fresh plays written especially for the text generation: EXCHANGE by Lauren Jackson, THINNING by Eli Kent and FITZ BUNNY LUST FOR GLORY by Grant Buist.

01 Jul - 01 Jul

The Glare
With bands; The Karrados and Black Science

23 Jun - 30 Jun

The Rebel Alliance presents: Heroic Faun No. One
An Extraordinary True Story

14 Jun - 19 Jun

The Intricate Art of Actually Caring
Winner - "Best Theatre", 2009 NZ Fringe Awards
Winner - "Most Original Production", 2009 Chapman Tripp Theatre Awards.

02 Jun - 12 Jun

Gareth Williams in a one-man song, dance and physical theatre spectacular. BE PREPARED TO BE WEIRD!

29 May - 29 May

Stranger Things 2
Twelve artists - Two weeks - One night

28 May - 28 May

Bandicoot, God Bows to Math, Kittyhawk, Fatangryman, Sherpa, Cat Venom, Kitsunegari and 1995 DJs.

22 May - 22 May

Fade from View, Kairos and Understanding Utopia
A night of subterranean mayhem.

21 May - 21 May

Nile and Hate Eternal
Two years after their last studio album 'Ithyphallic', mighty US-American technical death metal masters Nile are finally back with new and exciting material.

11 May - 15 May

Sammy J and Randy in Ricketts Lane
Come and join Sammy J and Randy for a cuppa. Drive straight past Boringville, chuck a left on Goodtime Avenue, and you’ll find yourself in Ricketts Lane.

04 May - 08 May

Justine Smith in Jussi Town
Justine Smith. Billy T Award Winner, NZ Comedy Guild Best Female Comedian and Sheriff of Jussi Town.

25 Apr - 01 May

(Enchantment of the Girl)
Photography Exhibition

24 Apr - 01 May

Fasitua Amosa is RUUFLESS!!
The Niu-est, freshest and smartest Samoan stand-up comedian.

23 Apr - 16 May

2010 NZ International Comedy Festival
Viva La Comedy!

21 Apr - 21 Apr

Sherpa, Nevernudes, Cat Venom, Big Tipper
Sherpa return to The Basement for an all ages show alongside some familiar names and one not so familiar.

19 Apr - 20 Apr

The Height of the Eiffel Tower
A One Woman. One Chair Show.

18 Apr - 18 Apr

A unique and fantastic season of award winning international documentaries screening exclusively at The Basement.

13 Apr - 17 Apr

Almost A Bird Collective presents Broken China
"Almost A Bird Theatre Collective is creating some of the most exciting work on our stages." - Lynn Freeman, Capital Times.

06 Apr - 10 Apr

Elimination Rounds: Drowning Bird, Plummeting Fish and Animal Hour
Presented by Wellington's Binge Culture Collective.
"Best Newcomers" - New Zealand Fringe '09.

28 Mar - 28 Mar

Scared Sacred
A unique and fantastic season of award winning international documentaries screening exclusively at The Basement.

23 Mar - 27 Mar

Wallflower & Shafted
As part of the Fresh Produce season at The Basement.
Wallflower & Shafted: Tuesday 23rd - Saturday 27th March at 7pm.

23 Mar - 28 Mar

The Idea of America
As part of the Fresh Produce season at The Basement.
The Idea of America 23rd - 27th March at 8:30pm and Sunday 28th March 2pm matinee.

18 Mar - 20 Mar

Pro-Posing - a new dance work choreographed by Anna Bate
As part of the Fresh Produce season at The Basement.
Pro-Posing 18th - 20th March at 7pm.

16 Mar - 28 Mar

Fresh Produce - in season at The Basement
Fresh Produce is the name of an upcoming season of original New Zealand performance works to be shown at The Basement, Tuesday 16th – Sunday 28th March.

16 Mar - 20 Mar

Feeney McSweeney and 'The Ugs' Present Green Room
As part of the Fresh Produce season at The Basement.
Green Room 16th - 20th March at 8pm.

16 Mar - 17 Mar

As part of the Fresh Produce season at The Basement.
Battered 16th & 17th March at 7pm.

09 Mar - 12 Mar

The Hungry Attic
Presented by BackLit Productions

24 Feb - 06 Mar

I ♥ Camping
Yes Please Theatre Company in association with
STAMP at THE EDGE presents I ♥ Camping. An unromantic comedy.

16 Feb - 20 Feb

Closer by Patrick Marber
Proudly presented by the Redmond Barry Theatre Company.

12 Feb

Hit It & Quit It Revue feat Trus'Me (UK)
"One of the most interesting and promising young producers in the country right now.” Giles Peterson on Trus'Me.

03 Feb - 13 Feb

The Lover by Harold Pinter
The perfect couple. The perfect lover. A perfectly
scandalous secret.

20 Jan

Bandicoot - Jurassic Warfare EP release
With support from God Bows To Math, The DHDFD's, Nice Birds, Cannibal Faggots & DJ sets from Cat Venom and Catholic Guilt.

02 Dec - 19 Dec

The Basement presents Christ Almighty!
From the collective who brought Auckland audiences the smash hit 2008 Christmas show The Eight: Reindeer Monologues.

28 Nov

Stranger Things
Stranger Things is an experiment in collaboration; an idea to bring heads together from a broad creative spectrum.

27 Nov

God Bows To Math EP Release
9pm start, $5 doors.

26 Nov

Coach EP Release
9pm start, $5 on the door.

24 Nov - 28 Nov

Day Dreams Start Fires
The Basement is set to bring you the second installment of this unique art experience.

19 Nov

A Dictaphone Lament EP Release
The brain child of Danni Bear and Katharine Witten-Hannah.

13 Nov

Hit It And Quit It Revue
Featuring DJs Recloose, Frank Booker & Julien Dyne.

05 Nov

An hour with Wakanyote Njuguna
The place of the cultural practitioner in a post colony: Land, language and ‘Telling our own stories.’

04 Nov - 14 Nov

Autobahn: A short play cycle by Neil LaBute
The NZ premiere of La Bute’s provocative collection of one-act plays.

31 Oct

Hootchy Kootchy Girls Halloween
The Hootchy Kootchy Girls are back at Basement as part of Tempo 09.

13 Oct - 17 Oct

A Man Walks Into a Bar by David Geary
With Ryan O'Kane and Jodie Hillock.

09 Oct

Nice Birds, Bandicoot, Sherpa and Catholic Guilt
Doors 7pm, $5 entry fee. All ages.

11 Sep - 03 Oct

Killer Joe - a play by Tracy Letts
As black as Texan oil.

25 Aug - 05 Sep

Wolf's Lair
“Dynamic ... compelling. A consummate performance” John Smythe (Theatreview).

18 Aug - 22 Aug

Kiwi Theatre presents: Moonshine, the Musical
Moonshine, the Musical is a bubbly comedy.

15 Aug

F in Math, Calamity Jam, KittyHawk & The Randoms
$10 entry, 9pm.

13 Aug

175 East
The concert will feature the welcome return of Richard Haynes.

12 Aug

Austen Found: The Undiscovered Musicals of Jane Austen
A special one-off performance of the SOLD-OUT Comedy Festival hit for only $10.

04 Aug - 08 Aug

Bollocks by Lee Hall
Life is balls.

01 Aug

Nevernudes, The U.S.S.A, Freudoids, & The Bemsha Swing
All ages.

19 Jul

An Evening to Remember with Sylvia Rands & friends
A fundraising event to support Sylvia Rands.

10 Jul - 25 Jul

The Festival features three new 50 minute plays running every night.

26 Jun - 27 Jun

The Lonesome Buckwhips Live At The Basement
Two 2 nights only - the 2008 Billy T Award Nominees! Featuring the best of The Buckwhips and brand new hits.

23 Jun - 27 Jun

The Mucks
Devised and performed by Matt Norton and Renee Lyons (Back Story, Life is a Dream).

20 Jun

Mum's The Word with special guest Dean Webb
Mum's the Word are proud to announce the return of Dean Webb...

15 Jun - 20 Jun

Flaxworks and STAMP at The EDGE® present Carol & Nev
‘Dynamic Flaxworks duo... Alex Ellis and Phil Ormsby have talent to burn’ - Lumiere.

08 Jun - 13 Jun

The Lantern Project - installation
In the spirit of poetry and love, The Basement will become host to hundreds of tiny lanterns during the run of Lantern, a new play by Renee Liang.

08 Jun - 13 Jun

Lantern - Presented in Association with STAMP at THE EDGE®
Two actors. Nine characters. 85 luminous minutes. Written by NZ-Chinese playwright Renee Liang and featuring an all-Chinese cast.

02 Jun - 06 Jun

Kairoa Glory - A Top Town Story
After a successful season during the Auckland Fringe Festival, Toi Trade Theatre Company brings back their comedy hit, Kairoa Glory – A Top Town Story.

29 May

Fuelset, Upraw, & Burn the Scripture
8pm doors, $10 entry. All ages.

02 May - 24 May

NZ International Comedy Festival 2009
The Basement will house numerous shows during the NZ International Comedy Festival season.

01 May

Ghetto Red Hot CD Release Tour 2009
A night of blazing dancehall hiphop and reggae.

21 Apr - 25 Apr

The Needies by Thomas Sainsbury
Hire purchase, lay-by, credit cards, and overdrafts - all in a days work for Generation Y.

18 Apr

GOLGOTHA: Skuldom, Exordium Mors and Execrate.

17 Apr

Every Man For Himself, Congaline, Moment of Truth, Hard Times & The Legacy

03 Apr - 03 Apr

The Murder House and XKramz Attackx Present: Trunk Night
With live hardcore bands Hard Times, Masada, Die Alone, Blackout and Buzzkill. All ages.

27 Mar - 28 Mar

Wear your geek badge with pride.

25 Mar - 26 Mar

Bob Geldof
Back by popular demand... two nights only.

25 Mar - 28 Mar

Burlesque as you Like It - Not a Family Show
Their Fringe season was a complete sellout so they're back by popular demand.

20 Mar - 21 Mar

Banging Cymbal, Clanging Gong
SmackBang Theatre Company presents an energetic, one woman play by Jo Randerson, starring Tahi Mapp-Borren.

19 Mar - 21 Mar

Slow Train
Catalyst Theatre Company presents Slow Train.

19 Mar - 21 Mar

Heroic Faun Number 1
He was the most important featured extra background faun with no dialgoue in all of Narnia and nowbody saw him, until now.

17 Mar - 18 Mar

Grotteschi is an enthralling duet by dancers Suzanne Cowan and Adrian Smith.

16 Mar - 19 Mar

A Mime To Kill
Nominated for 'Best Theatre' at 2009 Wellington Fringe.

16 Mar - 21 Mar

Wear your geek badge with pride.

14 Mar

South Auckland Poets Collective
South Auckland Poets Collective are 10 young poets performing poetry through spoken word, song and drama. One night only.

12 Mar - 14 Mar

Dub. Dub. Dub.
The Outwits present Dub. Dub. Dub. Three nights only at The Basement.

10 Mar - 12 Mar

Ruby Tuesday
Two graduating actors bring to life an eclectic handful of characters whose lives intersect over the course of a typical high school day.

10 Mar - 13 Mar

The Height of the Eiffel Tower
Starring Morgana O'Reilly.

09 Mar - 11 Mar

King of the Road
Road King presents King of the Road. Being dead can change your life.

08 Mar - 15 Mar

No Man's Land
Skeletal, off-world electronica and sublime visuals collide in the spaces between dreaming and waking. No Man's Land. Sunday 8th and 15th March. 8pm.

08 Mar

Primary School
Catalyst Film & High Perspective present Primary School.

07 Mar

Funky Oriental Beats
FOB presents hot beats, spoken word and music from rising Kiwi-Asian artists. 10pm.

06 Mar - 20 Mar

Late Night Campfire
Campfire improv presents: The Official Festival Late Show. Fridays 6th, 13th and 20th March at 11pm.

05 Mar - 07 Mar

Burlesque as you Like It - Not a Family Show
Dust Palace presents feats of daring, coercion, sedition and seduction by a luscious troupe of gorgeous performers. 8:30pm.

05 Mar - 07 Mar

A fast paced, action packed version of Shakespeare's first play Titus Andronicus.

03 Mar - 04 Mar

Regression Test
Regression Test is four solos performed simultaneously.

03 Mar - 06 Mar

Milk Me and Luxury & Delusion
Rose Rowan presents two performance art pieces playing on different nights.

03 Mar - 04 Mar

Conspiracy 911
Cranks, crackpots and conspiracy nuts.

28 Feb - 01 Mar

Bob Geldof - Live
Jonny Brugh and Danielle Cormack are Bob Geldof: Auckland's poetic musical experience.

27 Feb - 22 Mar

Auckland Fringe
From February 27th to March 22nd. The Basement - the festival hub - has 29 shows on offer.

27 Feb

Dr. Colossus does Danny Elfman
This programme of cinematic madness will be performed in a one-off show on opening night of the Auckland Fringe 2009 at The Basement, in the appropriately spooky late-night slot of 11.00pm.

27 Feb - 04 Mar

The Dark Party
The Dirty Brothers Sideshow present The Dark Party - Kamikaze Princes of Sideshow.

27 Feb

Fringe Friday Night Afterparties
Every Friday night during the Fringe, a selection of George FM deejays will host the free Fringe late night afterparties at The Basement.

27 Feb - 01 Mar

A mystery bound in shadow. LightBulbMan illuminates darkness in this twisted hip hop musical.

20 Feb

Making AK a better place to be.

14 Feb

Vitamin S-Valentine Special
Improvised music. Instant composition. Fun and mayhem. From 8pm til late. Entry $5 or koha of conscience.

07 Feb

Anything But Federal with guests Crashpolitic, The Frisk & Calamity Jam
R Records presents Anything But Federal with guests Crashpolitic, The Frisk & Calamity Jam. Doors open 8:30pm, first band 9pm. $10.

30 Jan

Decortica, Inverse Order & Battle Circus
Jester Underground presents Decortica, Inverse Order and Battle Circus at The Basement, Friday 30th January. 8:30pm doors, $10.

24 Jan

Alex Manford Presents... Sora Shima
with support from Kittyhawk, God Bows To Math & The Neo Kalashnikovs

04 Dec - 19 Dec

The Eight: Reindeer Monologues.

Santa is delivering a massive parcel of talent to The Basement this Christmas season. 40 actors will alternate over 14 performances - who knows who will pop out on stage next! 8pm, $30 adults $20 concessions.

Due to popular demand we will be doing 3 late night shows on Wednesday 17th, Thursday 18th & Friday 19th December at 10pm. Book now at www.iticket.co.nz.

28 Nov

Ivy Rossiter & The Little Isles Band EP Release
With George & Queen and Dear Time's Waste.
Doors 9pm, $10.

25 Nov - 29 Nov

by Stephen Belber. 8pm (Friday 28th 7pm show).
Starring Stephen Fitzgibbon, Benedict Wall and Hannah Marshall. Door sales only $20 / $16

10 Nov - 23 Nov

Playright '08
8pm. 3 one act plays in one night.
Andreas Karras by David Moore, Coffee With Friends by James O'Sullivan and Shit! Ubu, Shit by Barnie Duncan.

08 Nov

My Mother Says I'm Talented
10pm, $5.
Spoken word night featuring Tourettes, Shane Hollands, Courtney Meredith, Sabrina Muck, Home Brew, Wilson Baillie and music by Little things.

07 Nov

A stripped back musical review with Rachael Blampied, Todd Emerson, Matu Ngaropo, Edward Peni & Helen Steemson. 9-10.30pm, $10.

01 Nov

Decortica Album Release 'A New Aesthetic'
with Battle Circus, IFK & Crash-test For Favourite Things. Doors 9pm.

31 Oct - 15 Nov

Day Dreams Start Fires
Opening night Thursday 30th October 7:30pm
Available for viewing Friday 31st October - Saturday 15th November from 7pm.

26 Oct

175 East
Picnic at Limbo Ledge. 7.30pm

17 Oct

The ARC presents
I Am An Artist

The ARC presents 40 downtown heroes in a hand-drawn t-shirt exhibition. 10pm

10 Oct - 25 Oct

City Of Souls
No shows Sunday / Monday. A new devised theatre work by Catalyst Theatre Company: Jonathan Hodge, Ben Van Lier, Sam Berkeley, Ora Simpson. 8pm.

28 Sep

Trygve Wakenshaw's Farewell Fundraising Show!
Featuring live music from The Hot Grits, an auction with auctioneer Oliver Driver, and performances by Brett O'Gorman, Yvette Parsons and Trygve Wakenshaw. 2pm - 6pm

26 Sep

DJ Paydirt, Scratch 22, Legal Money Mike, MC Revilo plus special guest DJ Dform. 11pm - 4am.

23 Sep - 04 Oct

Daddy's Home
A comedy by Laurence Dolan, directed by Tony Forster. 8pm.

15 Sep - 20 Sep

The Rebel Alliance presents GRACE by Sophie Dingemans.
8pm, Saturday matinee 2pm.

06 Sep

The Septembers
with special guests George & Queen, The Future's Bright, Crashpolitic. 9pm

05 Sep

Calamity Jam
with guests The Bengal Lights, Hangman & Sherpa. Doors 9pm

04 Sep

Silent Disco
Special Guest DJs including T Rice & Scratch 22. 9pm


Saturday, 23 July 2011 -
Saturday, 6 August 2011

After the sudden death of their flatmate Alison and Russ are living in limbo. Alison spends her days sleeping and her nights getting stoned. Russ goes to the zoo and stares at the tiger. But when Simone and her boyfriend Davey join the flat, it becomes clear that wild animals lurk closer to home, and it is only a matter of time before they show their claws… Who is the most caged, and how far will they go to escape?

Written by Gary Henderson
Directed by Jackie van Beek